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While your company migrates from 2D to 3D, you want to utilize 3D for better conversion of inquiry to order. A simple and logical rule based configurator will help you in getting quick concepts from SolidWorks.

plus Foundation

CADEC+ FOUNDATION is the core product of the CADEC+ Master Model family. With FOUNDATION, the design engineers can customise equipment or machine design as per individual customer requirements, in a flash. An absolute design automation tool, its versatile configurator can convert requirement specifications into designs, drawings, BOMs, cost-sheets and more.


plus Empower

CADEC+ EMPOWER is an extension of CADEC+ FOUNDATION with web interface. It seamlessly integrates with your incumbent ERP system to include the Configure to Order (CTO) or Catalog-driven business process. This is a versatile tool ideal for design engineers as well as your sales team to configure and showcase products online within just a few minutes.


plus Xpress

CADEC+ EXPRESS is a skinned down version of CADEC+ FOUNDATION ideal for those who wish to kick-start their design-automation journey with minimal investment. Free of any 3D CAD design software, CADEC+ EXPRESS is all you need to quickly release custom drawings to the shop floor. For product family with variant geometries, CADEC+ EXPRESS is an…


plus Mechano

CADEC+ MECHANO follows a Building Block approach – an alternative to the Master Model approach. Especially, for products which have standard components (each having separately created geometries), you need component and a bottom up approach. MECHANO comes with a library element in which you can add already developed components and features,