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12.Do we need any special training?

Yes. You need a special training of CADEC+ configurator which will be provided by us. Our application team will help you to understand the CADEC+ & how to use it for your product. We can also provide the customised training for your sample product For more details, please contact us on: Mark Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd Ksheerada Building, 266 Navi Peth, Pune 411030| Phone: 91 – 20 – 24327031, Fax: 24327032 | Email:| Web: Improving Design Productivity…..

4.Who needs CADEC?

Those who need to automate and standardize the design process Those who want standardization in models, drawings and its formats Those who want to Increase design productivity. Those who want to eliminate person dependency in designing Those who need to generate custom designs for every enquiry Those who have wide product variants Those who want to minimize the time and cost of product design Those who want more design generation with same manpower. Those who want to handle more enquiry and submit quotation within few minutes or generate manufacturing drawings within few minutes.

3.What is Creator?

In Creator end user (Non-technical, junior designer, sales or marketing person, customer) can simply provide inputs and get automated 3D models, 2D drawings, BOM, Excel datasheets etc.

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