CADEC+ Basic


CADEC+ Basic

Champion 3D CAD users who have created a variety of 3D models and drawings for the same product with different specifications

They can become productive and innovative if their repetitive tasks are automated by CADEC+ Basic.

CADEC+ Basic is a Design Automation Tool. with CADEC+ Basic champion designers can create Design automation applications for his/her product to generate validated 3D Models and 2D drawings at a glance without any programming knowledge.

CADEC+ Basic is lighter version of CADEC+ Pro



  • Geometry configuration
  • Complex Design Logic i.e formulae, statements, look-up, series, user-defined functions
  • Compatible with Webcon (Web configurator)

 How To Implement:

Follow 5 simple steps to automate your design process for the desired product.

Identify design variables in your product.

Create a Master Model having all variable parameters i.e. features, Parts, Assembly, and Dimensions. Create Master Drawing

Define your design logic, formulae, a lookup table with respective your variables

Link variables to model parameters

Generate output by giving input variable values

Additional information


7 days max.

Cost & Licensing:

The above cost includes 1 stand-alone or floating License with one year of support and training.

License Validity: Perpetual